5 Office Areas That Need to Be Deep Cleaned

If you own a commercial or office space or you’re just trying out some ways to maintain the cleanliness of your cubicle or office, feel free to read this entire article to figure out the 5 area in your office that requires to be deep cleaned from time to time. Regardless if you decide to start tomorrow or today, you can expect dirt and dust to be present in the areas listed below: 


Together with your office bathrooms, the kitchen area can also gather crumbs, grime, and dirt easily mostly from food that can be left behind. Countertops, pantry shelves, and fridges should be regularly cleaned to make sure that your staff will feel comfortable taking their lunchtime in their break room or your office kitchen. Make sure to evaluate and clean the back of cupboards, grout, and change out the food bins and take out the garbage regularly.  

Behind cables and cords 

Have you ever tried checking behind your desk and take a look at the condition of all the wires and cords below? There’s a possibility that no one has ever tried cleaning there because your computer was originally installed. If that’s the case, it’s best to perform some dusting and you can also wipe down any spots that are especially dirty using a damp cloth. The amassed dust here could be causing seasonal allergies and poor indoor air quality. If you give such spots the deep cleaning that they really need, you, your staff, and even your clients will be able to breathe easier.  


In terms of cleaning your bathroom, you need to use special products to make sure that there will be no remaining germs on stalls, walls, fountains, or toilet seats. Toilet paper should always be stocked, as well as paper towels and hand soap. That way, your visitors and customers can keep on doing proper hygiene. Never forget to clean the bathroom in your office. Otherwise, having an uncleaned bathroom can make customers and staff feel hesitant and uncomfortable to patronize your business. As much as possible, it’s always a good idea to use services like professional office cleaning to make sure that your washrooms are properly and deeply cleaned every day.  

High-traffic areas 

While it’s crucial to clean your carpets and flooring, you should also pay close attention to high-traffic areas like the hallways and reception front desk. These can get extremely cluttered during winter seasons due to the muddy boots that people track into the office, leaving dirt and slush in their wake. Probably waxing and mopping must be done regularly and should never be overlooked.  

Employ the expert cleaners 

In terms of office cleaning in Portland, you should never think twice about calling for assistance. It won’t just be quite a task, but maintaining a clean office while trying to run a business simultaneously can be quite difficult. To prevent sacrificing your business’ needs, make sure to employ professional cleaning service providers that have the knowledge and manpower to do a thorough and great cleaning job right the first time.