speed shooting

The current Guinness record stands at 22 accurate arrows in one minute -set in 2000 by David Powers. There is a clear set of rules for the record -but general competition is based on a face which is 15inch diameter for 15yards distance.

The first 30seconds are fine, but keeping up a steady rate over the full minute can be a challenge! The average medieval archer would be expected to discharge arrows as fast as practical in battle, and, depending on the weight of his bow, could achieve 12 in one minute. Heavy draw weight bows would possibly achieve fewer than this, but would be more effective and achieve longer distances.

The competition: is for the greatest number of arrows shot into a target in one minute.
1.There shall be no sight or mark on the bow limb Strings may be of natural fibre or "Dacron" Any form of arrow-nock, induding cross-nocks, may be used. Four-fletched arrows may be used.
2. The bow shall have a
minimum draw-weight at the Archer's normal draw-length of 30 pounds for a man and 25 pounds for a woman. Special classes may be created for heavy bow weights at the discretion of the competition organiser. Juniors at the discretion of the event organiser. (see below)
3. At each shot the bow shall be
drawn until the fingers touch the face.
4.The arrows may be kept in a quiver or stuck vertically into the ground near the Archer.
5. The Archer shall receive no assistance during the contest.
6. Archers shall shoot for
one minute.
7. At the start of shooting (on a signal agreed in advance) the Archer may have an arrow nocked on to the string but the bow has to be undrawn. Shooting shall cease immediately upon an agreed signal.
8. Arrows are to be shot singly.
9. Archers shall shoot from a standing position (particular variations may be permitted in cases of physical disability)
10. The target face shall be placed centrally on a boss or butt. It shall be circular, of a pale colour, the centre indicated by a clearly contrasting spot of 4 in. diameter. The diameter of the target in inches shall be equal to the number of complete yards in the shooting distance. The minimum shooting distance shall be 15 yards.
Qualifying arrows: An arrow embedded into the scoring area will count towards the total and any arrow whose shaft touches the line demarking the scoring area will also be counted. Arrows already loosed at the time of the 'stop' signal shall count toward the score if they qualify.
12. Arrows which are perceived to bounce back may be counted if positive evidence exists of their having bounced from the target face or from another countable arrow.

FIRST ROUND. To reach the Second round, archers must achieve a minimum of eight countable arrows, having loosed at least ten arrows within the minute.. Up to three attempts are allowed (depending on the time available and no. of archers.involved) SECOND (& SUBSEQUENT ROUNDS) A single-chance shoot-out between the archers takes place. If there is no outright winner, there are further shoot-outs to decide the winner.

Society for the Promotion of Traditional Archery