Society for the Promotion of Traditional Archery

English clout target

A long-established event which tests accuracy at long distance shooting, 'clout' (the word comes from the old term for a cloth as in "ne'er cast a clout 'til May is out") has been regularly practiced for many decades, particularly by the British Long-Bow Society since it's formation in the 1950's, and most notably at the Woodmen of Arden ground where the marker has not only to march the length of the hall having drunk a tankard of porter, but also has to record a hit by falling on his back waving his legs and top hat in the air.

Interestingly the Mongolians choose to sing to record a scoring arrow- maybe the English are more shy about their musical heritage.

The clout is set out for modern 'recreational' longbows of weights lighter than the famous 'warbow'-gentlemen at 180yards, ladies at 120 -although many ladies nowadays can easily reach the men's distance. The central target is a white disk and 4 rings are marked around this at 36in intervals from the central spot on the clout, to score for near misses.

14.charlie paper

Left: Charlie Warmingham celebrates a hit on the clout at the Wioodsmen of Arden ground.

Outer ring 1pt, then 2, 3 4 & 5 points. Hitting the clout is 6pts.

The Clout can be up to 30in diameter, with a black centre spot.