Society for the Promotion of Traditional Archery

SPTA encourages the use of thumbrings when used with suitable bows, or the unique 'yugake' shooting glove of kyudo -but does not promote mechanical release aids. Rings can be made of horn, stone, metal (including silver and gold!), or leather which can be a cheap start, as well as. plastic ones- until you have developed a good technique -and your thumb has developed too- before you 'upgrade' to one of more traditional materials.

The shapes and styles/materials of thumbrings are many and varied. Most important is that the ring should fit correctly to avoid injury while ensuring a clean release. You will need to ensure you are safe and familiar with the technique before you attend any shoot where thumbrings are allowed.

For primitive, longbows and flatbows, the mediterranean release (one finger above two below the arrow) or flemish loose (two finger) is recommended.

gold ring
kyudo glove

A modern Chinese thumbring in costume box

Many thumbrings are highly decorated items of jewellery

Thumbring release

The unique Japanese shooting glove