SPTA encourages participation in all types of traditional archery, from shooting events to demonstrations, workshops and introductory talks, and helping provide access to information relating to worldwide traditional archery.

SPTA's main event is the annual St Georges Shoot held in April, and other regional events which include shooting practices from other parts of the world are supported or organised including roving marks, field archery competitions etc. All events are intended to encourage traditional archers to try their hand at a variety of skills and help them discover just what versatile weapons traditional bows can be . Familiar forms of competition in the UK such as field roving and flight can be organised alongside wand, popinjay, speed and less familiar practice such as 'surs' from Mongolia, and ground-based horseback archery. (See below for links)
PLEASE NOTE: hunting with the bowand arrow is illegal in the UK

SPTA BOW CLASSES are Longbow, Hunting Recurve, American Longbow, Primitive and Classic: however the final decision is at the discretion of the shoot organiser.
ARROWS must be made of natural material -wood or bamboo/cane with natural feather fletchings- but plastic nocks are fine.
See HERE for information on arrow types

Thumbring release is encouraged for suitable bows eg Turkish

We also take part in talks, demonstrations and exhibitions, which can be themed to suit venue or occasion.

Competitions include the following tests of the archer's skill:
Field archery
Flight shooting
Roving marks & 'hoyles'
Wand & Target
Clout shooting
Speed shooting
Fluflu in the bin
As well as moving targets, Tibetan style shoots and anything else we can think of!

SPTA was an early supporter of Horseback Archery,but due to insurance restrictiuons we cannot hold events, but like to support them

We support events which suit our aims, and if you wish to put on an SPTA event, see HERE

Society for the Promotion of Traditional Archery

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young field archers
field archery
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