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This is by no means an exhaustive list, as archery books are now being published in larger numbers- but it's a start! I've just picked some well-thumbed books from my own collection. Some information in these books has been superseded-but they are fine references all the same for the archer who wants to delve more deeply into the subject.

Arrowstorm: Richard Wadge ISBN9780752449517
Excellent reference on the training, life and tacticsof the longbowman in the English armies -thoroughly researched and readable
The Medieval Archer: BradburyISBN 0-85115-194-9
One of the orignal reference works
The Great war bow: Strickland & Hardy ISBN 0-7509-3167-1
Well illustrated reference -empirical testing updated but now superseded by Mark Stretton's work
-Mark will publish his findings shortly
Toxophilus: Ascham ISBN 0950319909
The first book on archery in England by Elizabeth Ists Tutor
Weapons of Warre: The armaments of the Mary Rose Vol 3 ISBN 978-0-9544029-3-8
A comprehensive pair of books in the set -includes one volume on cannon, one chapter on the bows. For enthusiasts.

Traditional Archery from Six Continents (Grayson Collection) ISBN 978-0-8262-1751-6
Beautiful photographic record of this lifetime's collection
American Indian Archery: Laubin ISBN 0-8061-1467-3
Ottoman Turkish bows: KarpowiczISBN 978-0-9811372-0-9
Superb reference by one of the best composite bow makers today
Turkish Archery and the composite bow: Klopsteg ISBN 0-9503199-0-9
Mainly about flight bows: excellent record and reference
Native American Bows Arrows & Quivers Allely & Hamm. ISBN 1-55821-992-7 (Vol 1)
Record drawings of bows in various collections
Saracen Archery Latham & Patterson (rare)
Translation and analysis of Tayburgha's text
The Bow: Gad Rausing ISBN 0-9503199-5-3
A personal collection of thoughts on the bows development, much information is superseded now by later finds
but a good one for the bookshelf
Korean Traditional Archery: Duvernay
The Grey Goosewing Heath(rare) SBN 85045 031 4
A collection of illustrations -a collectors item, but out of date
Indian Archery: GN Pant (rare)
Good startingreference on this subject
Chinese Archery: Selby ISBN 962-209-501-1
Original Chinese texts and referencesfroma aman who has promoted Chinese archery for many years
Arab Archery: Faris/Elmer (note some facsimiles have very poor quality pictures)
Translation of Arabic text
Witchery of Archery: M Thompson
First published 1878: about the longbow, hunting and women archers -very much a book of it's time!

Kay's thumbring book: Kay Koppedrayer
Excellent starting reference on thumbring types and styles

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