Getting started in traditional archery

Whatever your interest in traditional archery – we hope we can help!

If you want to really enjoy traditional archery and all it has to offer, you need some help to get started, ideally with the help of an experienced traditional archer who shoots the type of bow you are interested in.

What should be done?

You will need to join a Club which encourages traditional bows (not all do) this way you will be introduced to the many kinds of shooting enjoyed by traditionalists. A club concentrating on Olympic style archery may be unable to give you the coaching and advice you need -be prepared to travel a bit to find the Club or coach which suits you.

Some ‘coaches’ are better than others -while some have the qualifications, they can lack the love of traditional archery that marks a true traditionalist. Ideally your tutor and guide should shoot the traditional bow you like, full-time.

Where to start

You may need to start with a ‘training bow’ -usually a modern recurve. This is not as bad as it sounds -before you buy your traditional bow you will need to develop a consistent technique so that you get a bow which suits you i.e.

  1. Is of the right draw-weight at you drawlength
  2. Is the right type of bow for the type of shooting you enjoy.

if you are lucky someone may guide you and lend you a traditional bow which suits a beginner. Many bowmen, however, do not lend bows -particularly their personal favourite! See A guide on ordering your traditional bow for more.

Using a bow irresponsibly could not only cause injury to others, you could also injure yourself by not choosing the right bow for you, and shooting incorrectly.

There is a wealth of archery knowledge which is growing day by day and it is a question of tapping into that.

There are different Societies specialising in Target, longbow, field shooting and warbow -please see the links page for more information.

If you wish to study the history and culture of archery alongside your shooting, there are Societies and sources of reference available.

WARNING: don’t rely entirely on internet archery sites-some misinformation exists as with all subjects. You are better off contacting experienced archers and bona fide societies of long standing.