Participation in this exciting sport has grown extremely quickly worldwide. The UK has had some early pioneers, most notably Edward McEwan, who specialaised in making horn and sinew bows, and shot these from horseback as part of his researches into their effectiveness.

The yabusamé in Japan are unique in having continuously practiced this martial art for centuries while other cultures abandoned it. Terence Woolley (pictured above) rode with the yabusamé in japan the 1990's.

In 1999, SPTA founder Hilary Greenland accompanied Martin Knight and Michael Ashington to Hungary where they were the guests of Lajos Kassai who developed the European style of competition practised today. Since then, SPTA has helped organise numerous gatherings to introduce the sport to UK riders and archers. It was not until it became more popular internationally that interest grew sufficiently for clubs to form and training facilities develop in the UK.

There are several types of horseback archery competition - Korean style including 'mogu' is popular, as well as European style. You could practice on foot, of course! For European style competition track & targets see HERE. For foot practice see HERE

See also, an organisation dedicated to developing horseback archery as a sport.


ted mcewan

Society for the Promotion of Traditional Archery

Edward McEwan, an early pioneer in the UK

yabusame approach

Shooting at a mark with a longbow

wooden horse

ABOVE: Yabusamé in the UK!

RIGHT: No horse? Shoot a moving target from a wooden horse, or see HERE for foot practice

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